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Johnny the Moron 2000 CD-ROM!

The year 2001 seems like a good year ahead for Johnny as he published his first collections of comic strips in CD-ROM. It contains virtually all the strips and other extras. 

The year 2000: (below)

"When you reach the end of the road, there's only one thing to do... 
Build more road." -- Dec 14th.


Vote and win a Johnny the Moron 2000 CD-ROM!
It contains all the comic strips every produced, a total of not less than 420 strips! Simply check for 5 strips you like most for any month and you stand a good chance of winning!

"I dont want you; I want her!" -- Nov 8th.


We can now submit ideas, opinions, comments, questions or anything you wish Johnny would know through the interative email form. 

Filling out the form will send e-mail directly to Johnny the Moron!


"Rats, you're in a maze..." -- Aug 11th.

The small icons representing each strips are fully in place. This is making the links to each monthly collections more attractive.

Is love without "love making" love at all?
-- Aug 25th.

We can help to spread Johnny the Moron through "tell a friend", an email form on main page. Just type in friends' email address and send right to our friends about Johnny the Moron. 

"If there is birth, there is death."
-- Jul 7th.

"Those that can be picked up... can be let go."

-- Jul 27th.


Wanna get to know who are those who make these strips? The moronic team page is done! We'll get to know who are behind the scene and what they do. I think it's a terrific page!

"Whatever we do, we do it professionally." 
-- Jun 16th.

We can choose to view the strips with or without background music. The function works only with 'frame-able' browsers (By the way, johnnythemoron.com works only for those who have frame-able browsers. For the rest, sorry... ). 

I see something...
...something my generation and I never had...
I see HOPE. -- Jun 18th.


Guest book is in place. Please feel free to drop a line and sign your name!! Any comments? a topic of discussion? We can contribute in the forum section

When does a little girl become a lady??... 
-- May 9th.

Greeting card service is up and running. With updates of 5 strips of previous week on Mondays. Link on the main page. 

WATER before LOVE. -- May 4th.


Though we've never met; 
we've never been apart...
-- Apr 28th.

Registration of new domain name www.johnnythemoron.com!! So much easier to remember hah?

Transforming Johnny the Moron into DAILY comic strips, a new strip a day from Monday to Friday. 

"The shadow will be less... 
when it gets to noon." 
--Mar 14th.

"We didn't make love!! We had sex!!!!"  -- Feb 13th.


We all... 
have our own... 
pieces of... 
-- Feb 27th.


The best of 1999 collection is up. 1999 montly collections have been taken down due to limited disk space. Take a look at the refined strips of 1999!

"I'm not a tree... Trees don't tumble..." 
-- Jan 17th.

The year 1999: (below)

"Why do we exist?" -- Dec 6th.

"You know that it's going be your turn... 
that's why you don't mind waiting...
-- Nov 22nd.

"The earth is round, 
and it's not easy to stand firm."  -- Oct 4th.


Love kills... -- Sep 2nd.

16 gray scale applied to scanned strips instead of 1bit image of black & white. 

Eat your own food. 
Drink your own drink.
Live you own life!!
-- Sep 14th.

"Just that you can't see the air, 
it doesn't stop you from breathing."
-- Aug 13th.


 "We're all trapped in our own frames..."
-- Aug 20th.

Two more pages are were added this month: "About Johnny the Moron" and "About John Lew". The former gives us a favour of the story and motif behind; the latter introduces the creator of this comic strips. 

"Does it take a moron to understand a moron?" -- Jun 26th.


"The more you know, 
the more you know you don't know..."  -- May 11th.

Migration from 640 x 480 to 800 x 600 resolution. Previous strips modified and updated. 

Johnny tells us why he's always wearing cap in May. 


Debut of Johnny the Moron. It started out as monthly online comic strips. 

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