The moronic team...
Yes! We're an online team~~


John is now doing part-time anything from teaching to watching birds (It pays according to him)... For many years he felt his hands tied to invisible chain and he was a bird caged for reasons known only to himself... and another special being...

John has learnt to take life the way it is. He believes he's much more considerate and he has learnt to laugh things off (yeah!!). In life, there are some keywords he likes to use:

and to his mom, he says:

I Love You, Mummy.

His ultimate dream for the time being is a world where languages play no role: Music...

Work in Johnny the Moron...
thinking, brainstorming, conceptualizing, being inspired, perceiving like a blank sheet/moron, drafting, drawing, rubbing, radrawing, inking, whitening, scanning, moronic wordings, coloring, web presenting, ftp-ing...

Good work! John.
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CK is currently studying in Deakin University Burwood campus (Melbourne, Australia, a place where Kangoroos fight with their pathetic fists) and majoring in marketing and management

A great fan of martial arts (Chinese Kung-Fu, Judo-green belt and Taekondo-black  belt). Therefore... never never get near this guy. Considered a hurricane to be reckoned with. Nonetheless, he is just a cute sheep when it comes to talking to girls. Ambition: hoping to work in shoes store and helping ladies wear shoes (How ambitious)!!!

Work in Johnny the Moron...
  Making stupid and philosophical concepts, trying desperately to present his ideas through his artistic (quite limited though) drawing skill (equavalent to Kindergarten's level. You should get to see his work! Hillarious)!!! He will be helping to market this comic strips door-to-door after he graduates...

After graduation? CK?
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Chin, a typical country girl from Taiwan who happened to meet a self-acclaimed part-time cartoonist from Malaysia, can't bear his lousy spoken Mandarin and broken grammar and therefore decided to save the world by mentally correcting John... (woh... how exactly she does it??) under one condition: That is, John has to help improve this Taiwanese girl's English... (To tell the truth, she thinks John is regretting; the fact is John is feeling incompetent... or rather impotent!!!)

Her heart is in traditional Chinese music. By the way, she didn't want me to tell you she once quitted her job to learn Chinese zither (Is this your sister's sixth zither, Sir?). So, keep it to yourself. Another thing about her is that she is normally shy. When it comes to the topic 'love', however, she can be very 'loud'... heee.... 

Work in Johnny the Moron...
Editing Chinese wordings, broadening her mind to find wordings that would fit all the Chinese around the world (Yes! Taiwanese Mandarin doens't work well in Segambut. Where is Segambut? Go find a map, okay?). But she usually ends up changing the whole ideas of the strips... 

Thank you, Chin.
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Dora is residing in Hong Kong and working for a news agency (whose name can't be revealed as her work involves highly confidential documents~~). In fact, she risks losing her job by joining the team yet she expressed no hesitation when approached. What a girl!

Dora is a devoted Christian who fulfills her duty well and constantly improves her own self in many areas. She is now part-time pursuing her Master of Social Science degree in Communication (I had the honor to read one of her work about mental patients. It was awesome!); contributing articles for church newsletter... Actually her ultimate dream is to be a film director or a clinical psychologist (She has a double major in film and psychology). I'm sure we'll get to see some of her work in later time.

Work in Johnny the Moron...
Marketing part. An expert in marketing and communication (Should have known. Just look at the amount of writings she is doing!) Corresponding with potential contributors (Oh yes! to see to it that
Johnny the Moron gets more exposure). Her writings reflect genuine interest in human beings. Once you've read it, you're hooked forever.

Great fan Dora!
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