Johnny the Moron
Johnny the Moron
by John Lew

Inspired on March 15th, 1999,  "Johnny the Moron" is the making of a new comic strip presentation that we rarely seen. The comic tries to portray an alternative perpective to the society we live in.  It's just a another endeavour by John Lew to share his vision (or weird ideas) with us. 


The main character is "Johnny the Moron", which is also the name of the comic. Johnny is a guy who is so confused about himself and the world. There are many things in life he wants to sort them out; and usually he explains them in his unique self-criticized manner.

He wears cap (believed to be lacking of security), doesn't shave (trying to look more macho than he really is), and wears sloppily (as he believes clothing doesn't cover the real nature of human beings!).

Johnny has rather lousy association, especially when he's desperate to come out with reasonable explanations. He is like you and me, and everyone else who's trying to figure out what we're doing in this world (wow, sounds downright serious!) 

Yes, he's a moron who thinks in an idiotic way. Maybe it's time to redefine what we usually call 'MORON'... 

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