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Questions asked most frequently of Johnny the Moron:

About Johnny the Moron...

Q. Why is Johnny always with his hat on?
A. Good question. It comes with a stupid reason. He is insecured. He feels better and protected when he's got the hat on. For more weirdo behavious of why, click here.

Q. How old is Johnny?
A. Johnny is anything from minus infinity to infinity. There are times he is a baby and there are times when he's an old man. 

Q. Does Johnny have a girl-friend? Who is Phoebe? 
Or does he have companion? the baby wolf?
A. Johnny doesn't want to talk too much about his personal life, especially about relationship. Phoebe?... he really doesn't wanna talk about it. Johnny adopted the baby wolf in April 2000. He soon discovered wolves and human beings can hardly live together. Very soon we'll see Johnny's gonna lose his companion...

Q. What are the other characters?
A. Johnny (the Moron) is the main character. There are Peggie, Johnny's part-time lover, Peter, his old time buddy, Amy, his first love (let bygone be bygone...), Jane, his ex-girlfriend, Eileen, Peter's girlfriend, Mary, long time secret admirer of Johnny, and of course Johnny's mother!

Q. Does Johnny have a job?
A. Yes, he does. 

Q. What's the motif behind Johnny the Moron? 
A. The ideas/motif of Johnny the Moron centers around living vs. dying, birth vs. death, what we want vs. what we need, absolutism vs. gray spectrum, girls vs. boys, family problems, relationships, ... a little about storyline? Click here.

The world is big enough for some alternative ideas but small enough to drown some untrained immature minds.

About John Lew and the team...

Q. Why do you draw Johnny the Moron? What inspired you?
A. Little other things interest me. Wise old men say: "Go where your heart brings you." I think wise old men deserve great respect.

Q. Do you make up all your ideas?
A. Of course not all of them. I'm never the creator of those ideas. They're inspired by so many unsung heroes who have written great books, been quoted by others, inspired by taking great photos... and from readers who submitted their ideas. Therefore, I'm just a messenger. 

Q. Do you draw all the cartoons by yourself? 
A. Drawing, yes. For many of those great Chinese translation, Chin is around. Another  creative guy, CK. Newly joined member is Dora. You can check us out at the Moronic Team...

Q. How do you find the time to draw these everyday? 
A. It's more than a job for me. This is my life, at least for now. I enjoy making funny and moronic  ideas and I'm dying to share. Yes, I'm committed to bringing you outstanding weirdo ideas everyday. 

Q. May I know a little more about you?
A. Oh, my pleasure, you can go to 'About John Lew' to know more about me. 


Q. Do you draw on computer?
A. I draw on paper and scan the finished pieces into computer. I'd like to try on tablet though. 

Q. The color is rather different. How do you do the coloring?
A. I was using 1bit color depth (2 colors, black and white) back in April 1999. From then on gradually 4bit gray scale (16 colors) was added to smoothen the edges. Now (September 2000), a combination of 12 grays, 1 white and few colors is generally applied. I'm still trying on. 

Q. What programs do you use? 
A. I use various simple programs for the strip. I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro 6 for strip editing, Netscape 4.5 editor for html coding, WS_FTP for ftping. 

Q. May I use your animations on my site? 
A. You're most welcome to. Johnny the Moron comic strips are for sale for daily publications and online sites. However, non-profit organizations could use my comic strips for free. Please contact me in advance. 

Q. How many hits does Johnny the Moron get per month? 
A. The number is quite shocking to be shown. 

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