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<< Zhang's Medical Comprehension* >>, by Zhang Jing-Yue

<<The Heart Law of Dan Xi>>, by Zhu Dan-Xi

<<Medicine Narration>>, by Wang Ren-Yen

Manifestations of Headache, various contributors

The Causes of Migraine, various contributors

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    Introduction to Resources

    It is not the scope of this section to detail all the TCM information about headache for it is so difficult if not impossible to do so for the written history of TCM dates back to roughly 2000 years ago.

    Rather, we have picked some of the most relevant writings of prominent doctors that had important breakthroughs in their times. Check out the left columns for their insightful writings.

    You'll find their writings to be short, straight forward with no nonsense as they had to write with Chinese brushes on bamboo sticks. They had little luxury to play with decorative languages or lengthy expressions.