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    Introduction to Headache (General)

    First of all, we start by going after the internal organs that are mostly responsible for headache (and as a matter of fact, many other illnesses as well), namely, the liver, spleen and the kidney systems. Their respective channels are shown to reveal that fact that they are 'systems' but not just individual organs. The last but not least cause is blood stasis. You may find further readings under 'Causes and Mechanisms'.

    Classification of headache comes in many ways: Some emphasize on locations or areas of the pain, some by the factors that cause the pain, some by the symptoms, and etc. Further readings will get you to know what are endo/exopathic headaches, and TCM approach to differentiate them by causes.

    "Head is where all channels of Yang gather" leads us to explore what are the major channels that play important roles in the cause of headache. And a relatively simple way to know so is to locate the pain areas. Knowing the responsible channels is crucial in prescribing the right herbs for remedy. 

    In the section 'Conclusion', I try to summarize different causes that give rise to internal and external headache and a third situation in which both take place at the same time.